Sophie's World

Sophia Eun-Ji Lee

    Sophie joined us on January 28, 2008 at 11:20 pm. From day one she has been a good baby, she loves to be held but mostly loves to eat. Check out her growth tracker page to see how well she is growing.

    Sophia means wise, Eun means grace, and Ji means wisdom. So as you can see Sophia will be very wise.  Hopefully she will be wise enough to stay away from all the losers.

Anna Jin Lee

    Anna is the beautiful mother of Sophia, she is also the best wife anyone could ask for. She has been enjoying her pregnancy and has been overheard saying that she wants to get pregnant right away again. She is looking forward to staying home with Sophie and taking some time off to be a full time mom.

    Anna is currently a Nurse Practitioner in Granada Hills, California practicing dermatology.

Paul SeungWoo Lee

    Paul is screwed. Sophia already has him wrapped around her tiny finger.  He is totally helpless and everyone knows it.

    He is looking forward to coming home to Anna (barefoot and pregnant) and Sophia. He is happy that the family will have more time for vacations.

    He is currently working as an engineer designing things that blow
@#$% up. He is also in the process of applying for a concealed weapons permit for when Sophia grows up.

     The Lee Grandparents live in Portland Oregon. They can't wait to visit when Sophie is born. Sophie is the first grandchild for them and they can't wait to spoil her.

     They are currently semi-retired and enjoy traveling.

Paternal Grandparents

     The Rho Grandparents live in Atlanta Georgia. They are eagerly waiting for Sophie's arrival. Anna's mom will be visiting us when Sophie is first born to take care of Anna. Sophie is their first grandchild.

     Anna's father is currently a pastor of a church in Atlanta.

Maternal Grandparents

     Sam and Paul just got married in January. They both love children and are great with them, but they claim that they don't want to have their own...hmmmm.  For crying out loud I have never seen Sam as excited as she is about Sophie.
     Sam and Paul currently reside in Portland, playing hard to get.

Aunt and Uncle

     We are all jealous of Angela and Zane who are living the good life in uptown Manhattan. Angela recently planned Anna's baby shower and everyone can't stop talking about how wonderful it was.

     Angela and Zane currently reside in New York City studying hard.

Aunt and Uncle

     Sharon is the giggly 3rd Rho Sister who is perpetually teased about everything you could possibly imagine. After an obligatory year in Korea, she is currently living in Los Angeles working in the entertainment / communications industry and recently got her own apartment in Korea-Town. Sharon can't wait for Baby Sophia to arrive so she can pinch her cheeks. She will most definitely be the most squealy-auntie. She's already squealing at Anna's tummy.
     She is currently single .... and looking